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The ‘Nomad’ is inspired by the organic architecture of nomads. It is suited for remote sites in forests, hillsides, beach fronts, desert oasis or lake fronts, as it can seamlessly merge with the landscape. It is a human cocoon in nature. 

The Nomad is a three bay design. The pod or the external shell can be made from either hard or soft skin or a combination of both on a steel frame. The ‘seed’, made from magnesium oxide fibre board , contains all the services. The flooring is also SIP. The modular design allows for a large range of applications in single, double or triple bay formats. 

The Nomad is ideal for resorts, spas and weekend homes that are located deep in nature.

Nomad installation

Onsite images demonstrating the process of installation

Exploded view

showing how a pod comes together

Design options

bedroom ,  kitchen and living pods

Bedroom Seed
Kitchen Seed
Living Seed
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