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The Dwello is a steel frame building system. It is a standardised grid of ‘blocks’ that is versatile and can be used to design a building space for any application in varying dimensions. It can also be used to make additions and extensions to an existing building. 

The Dwello can be customised to client requirements with a wide range of interior options. It can stack up to a ground plus one floor structure on stilts and can be used for any new low rise development, specifically on fragile hillsides or undulating landscapes - be it residential, recreational or commercial ventures including resorts, retail, gated communities as well as integrated office and housing projects.

* Patent pending

Dwello version 1 

3 module prototype used as an office space

 Dwello for hospitality projects

digital visualizations of the pre-designed units for resorts 

Possibilities with Dwello

digital visualizations of the design in different configurations and contexts

Concept Dwello

from our founder 

Exploded view

Showing how a Dwello unit comes together 

Leggo exploded

Kit of parts for Dwello 

Leggo tool kit - basic_.jpg
Leggo 1.png

Dwello System Grid

Comprehensive single unit diagram showing the assembly of kit of parts and grid for size variations.

Possible design variations 

Modules can be composed in any configuration as per the requirement  

website composition.jpg
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