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The Darwin Bucky is a parametric metal dome. It is not a Geodesic dome but it is inspired by Buckminster Fuller's ideas. Its design features laser-cut 1mm folded metal sheets that are bolted together to create an insulated, column- free, and air-conditioned space.

The Bucky comes in two sizes, an 11-meter diameter and 6-meter height option, and an 18-meter diameter and 9.5-meter height option. Multiple units can be combined to create 'Bucky clusters'. The Bucky also has an integrated lighting, display, and sound system that can be connected to an external power source, making it perfect for various events such as exhibitions, town halls, performance arenas, bars, and nightclubs.

The Bucky is easy to assemble or disassemble and can be stored or transported in a shipping container. It is also well suited for ‘no-build’ and fragile eco-sensitive zones, as it is lightweight, can sit on flat ground, and requires no foundation. With its endless possibilities, the Darwin Bucky is an excellent choice for an avant-garde public venue.

Bucky version 1 

11m prototype used as a gallery and a black-box theatre

Possibilities with Bucky

digital visualizations of the design in different clusters and contexts

Concept Bucky

from our founder and architect

Bucky in use

demonstrating how the space transforms with every new event

Exploded view

showing how a Bucky comes together 

Design options

11m and 18m diameter 

Technical drawings

plan and section

Technical Drawings
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