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Pre-engineered, flatpack and modular!

Most land ‘development’ involves destroying and displacing existing ecology. In addition, the building materials end up in a landfill at the end of its life cycle. 


Not any more. At Darwin Live Light, we make buildings that are pre engineered, modular, stylish and sustainable as they are both relocatable and reusable. We use materials like steel, structurally insulated panels (SIP) and aluminium to make for resource-efficient, lightweight, and low-maintenance structures that can be customised to your requirement.

With our computer-modelled manufacturing process, we can fabricate these buildings anywhere in the world, thereby, saving on transportation costs associated with most other prefabricated buildings.


In addition, our structures are also easier to transport (as they are flat packed), quick to assemble on site and don't require a plinth. This makes Darwin Live Light a smarter, lighter, and more sustainable building solution compared to even other prefabricated buildings.

Three models of Darwin

each with a unique design and purpose! 

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Dwello is a building system made up of a standardised kit of modules where the building components are reusable at the end of the building’s life cycle to even make another Dwello of a different design. It is a flatpack steel frame system, inspired from the game of Lego, that offers innumerable design possibilities for new buildings as well as extensions to existing ones. 

Dwello can be stacked up to ground-plus-two floors, making it ideal for building on fragile landscapes like hillsides, forests, sand dunes or even water bodies. It is also suitable for rapidly deployable housing.


The Nomad is a stunning example of organic architecture inspired by the nomadic lifestyle. This unique design provides a cozy cocoon-like environment that keeps you connected to nature.


The Nomad consists of three bays and features an external shell made of steel and aluminum composite (or soft skin from an industrial fabric), all supported by a sturdy steel frame. The "seed" of the Nomad contains all the services like toilets, kitchens etc. This modular design can be easily customised to suit individual requirements, with options for single, double, or triple bay formats.


The Nomad is an excellent choice for upscale resort developments in the heart of nature. 

Beachfront water cottages
Golf course marquee

The Darwin Bucky is an innovative parametric dome tent inspired by Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic dome. Its design features laser-cut 1mm folded metal sheets that are bolted together to create an insulated, column-free, and air-conditioned space. 


The Bucky comes in two sizes, an 11-meter diameter and 6-meter height option, and an 18-meter diameter and 9.5-meter height option. Multiple units can be customised and combined to create 'Bucky clusters'. The Bucky also has an integrated lighting, display, and sound system that can be connected to an external power source, making it perfect for various events such as exhibitions, town halls, performance arenas, bars, and nightclubs.


The Bucky is easy to assemble or disassemble and can be stored or transported in a shipping container. It is also well suited for ‘no-build’ and fragile eco-sensitive zones, as it is lightweight, can sit on flat ground, and requires no foundation. With its endless possibilities, the Darwin Bucky is an excellent choice for an avant- grade public venue.

Concept Darwin

from our founder

We were featured in

Our key features


Only dry assembly on site


 Doesn't require heavy machinery 


Quick to set up


Low maintenance and durable


Modular timeless design


Kit of parts


Comes packed in a box


Minimal site excavation


Green and future ready

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